Food ordered in Naruto

Baguio’s Delicious Restaurants

A lot of Japanese restaurants have been growing recently in Baguio!

This may be proof that Japanese students are gradually increasing in number and that the city of Baguio is their popular choice in studying abroad.

 In a one place, there is a famous restaurant called “Chaya”.

Or, the closest thing to MONOL Food is the “Karenun Food Hub” or “Yamashita” located at Red Lion where students go for a drink.

“Ramen Nagi” is a newly made restaurant at SM Baguio Mall. They offer a good price and the location is convenient.

Ramen Nagi Restaurant
Ramen Nagi Restaurant

Actually, around August, the owner of Naruto visited MONOL

The owner offered a 10% discount coupon for MONOL students. (Until End of October)

Therefore, with this coupon, a lot of students visited Naruto.

Naruto Restaurant Discount Coupon

The location of the restaurant is the building in front of Baguio City Hall, so you can easily go to there by riding a jeepney.

Get off before entering Burnham Park ( after Mcdonalds ), hotel restaurants are lined up and you can see it immediately. Naruto is the innermost part of it.

Location of Naruto in Google Maps

I feel like the whole building was finished at the end of 2016, so it is still inside a new building.

Food ordered in Naruto
Fried from plenty of Naruto salad and juicy, beef bowl.

When you are planning to stay in Baguio for a long time, there is no doubt that you will miss Japanese food !

It is unlikely that a student can find a restaurant that provides affordable home food taste. (Overseas Japanese restaurants are expensive everywhere.)

Naruto Salad and juicy beef bowl
Unique unique Baguio! There is also a pot.




























In Naruto , Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki are the featured menu.

There are also Takoyaki equipment’s available, so we can also have a Takoyaki party.

Menu for drinks
There is also a drink menu like this one!


















Since cooking is also from a single item, it can also be used for a drinking party with
Ramen and soba which I highly recommended

 The last order is at 21 o’clock, so we have dinner here on weekends. Dinner is very good!

If you miss Japanese food , by all means Jeepney up to Naruto