Basketball Fundraising Activity Held at Monol

Here at Monol International Education Institute, we have a lot of sports activities offered in the campus. We have a basketball court that could also be used to play badminton, volleyball, and futsal. Monol Institute also has a mini golf range for students to practice their swing and there is also a recreation room for table tennis and billiards. The golf range has a professional tutor available to help the players with their swing . Combat sports are also offered after classes; Boxing, Muay Thai, and Grappling are taught by a professional tutor at the Monol Fitness Gym.

Due to the tons of activities that are available in Monol, we believe that sports can also offer off-the-court benefits.

Last November 14-15, Monol International Education Institute held a basketball fundraising activity for the children of Pinsao Proper Daycare Center. This activity is a three point contest to see who will earn the highest score. After the event, the cash collected from entrance fees were used to buy school supplies for 28 children at the Daycare Center.

Students and even employees took turns shooting from the three point line to see who would stand out among the rest. Student Jacob and Student Black accumulated a tied score of 7 at the end of the 1st day. That score would hold until the last 30 minutes of the competition when Janrey Pengla scored 8 to win the competition. Heavy rain during the second day proved to be the end of the event and Janrey Pengla took home the crown with just a 1 point advantage over the rest.

The students were glad to join the event after learning that the fees collected would go to children. Some even tried out more than once to contribute to the funds.  The champion, Janrey Pengla, even gave 200 from his winnings to add to the funds.

The funds were used to buy 28 8 piece Crayons, 28 Jumbo Pencils, and Elementary Pad Papers. The school supplies were given today, November 20 to the students. Daycare teachers, Barangay Staff, and Barangay Captain Raymund Laxamana were there to grace the event.

The children were all excited to receive their supplies. They were also patiently waiting for the supplies to be handed to them.

The daycare children raise their new colors and pencils

Although this is just a small fundraising activity, the teachers and employees at the barangay appreciate the simple gesture of kindness.

As part of its community involvement, Monol is engaged in community outreach on a regular basis. Like any other outreach programs, it is always noble and primarily aims to benefit the community.