Basketball Teams Battle It Out

Monol Basketball Tournament is finally making a comeback and basketball teams battle it out. The International Team defeated Team Chinggo, 21-13, behind student Duffy’s 11 points last October 5, 2017, at the Monol Basketball Court.

Team Chinggo battled it out midway during the game tying the score 11-11 before succumbing to Team Internationals hot shooting and rebounding capability.

basketball teams 3

Student Jacob, from Team International, outrebounded team Chinggo leading to multiple second-chance possessions and points. The basketball teams are doing their best to gain victory.

basketball teams 2

Allan Dayadante, from team Chinggo, provided the scoring outburst for team Chinggo with 9 points.

The 3×3 basketball tournament is an activity that encourages teamwork, leadership, and determination for the students and employees of Monol. 3×3 is a rising sport today, even getting recognition as an Olympic sport for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.