Beautiful Scenes in Baguio City

Since the first day I came to Baguio, I have been attracted by this city because of the beautiful scenes. Natural sights surround the city therefore, we can feel the forest’s fresh air, comfortable temperature, and clean sky. Actually, the loveliest scenery that I like is in the evening because of the awesome starry night.

Every time I walk on the rooftop in Monol, I look up at the sky. Those stars are printed into my eyes. It’s a romantic atmosphere combined with the city’s nature. By the way, the Filipino’s personality lets me have a good impression of them. Every time I walk on the street or sit in a car, I always observe people’s faces or actions. I feel the Filipinos are working hard, enjoying the present and being contented. I want to be a person like the Filipinos because I am not an optimistic person.

I have studied in Monol for one month and two weeks and I like all my teachers due to their personalities that are as good as I imagined. If you ask me what I like best in Baguio I will say it’s the people.

By: Student Chris

Beautiful Scenes 2