Best Food Games for 3+1 Mates

The 3+1 roommates have, again, engaged in the best food games last Tuesday after the Bizarre Food Battle last August.

Although less freakish than before, the event still featured street foods in the Philippines like the grilled pork intestines and chicken feet, and of course, the ever-popular balut (duck fetus eaten from the shell). Other more conventional foods served were some of the favorite snacks of Filipinos which are puto and kutsinta, rice cakes enjoyed with coconut shavings on top or with cheese, turon, fried banana in spring roll wrapper, and pancit.

Besides trying the street foods, the 3+1 roommates also spent the night with much fun and the best food games.

There are more strange and exotic foods in the Philippines. Wonder which ones the 3+1 roommates will try out next?

best food games 2