Best Friends in Monol

The first time I set my foot in Monol I couldn’t explain my emotion. I felt so excited but I was also nervous. Maybe because I didn’t know anyone and I could hardly speak and understand English. I was worried if I could make best friends at that time.

As the days passed by, I could meet various students from different countries like Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. By the way, I am from Japan.

During the first week of class, I was so shy so I couldn’t talk to my classmates. I just kept quiet and just answered are teachers questions. But one day, my classmate, who is an Arabian, invited me to relax and drink that night. He introduced me to his other friends. We enjoyed talking and drinking. All of us had a great time.

From then on, we spend time together every weekend. I have never felt uncomfortable in this group even though we have different nationalities. They gave me a warm welcome in the group and I felt so delighted. They also gave me wonderful memories that I will never ever forget. I was very happy to have met them in Monol.

I chose these pictures which I think are the best to represent our friendship. I am very proud to introduce them to whoever reads this article. The pretty lady on my left side is Mia from Taiwan. She is pretty and genial. She always cares about her friends. The Arabian guy beside me who is wearing a bonnet is Muhammed. He is kind and helpful. He likes helping anyone who needs assistance as long as he can. The tallest guy at the back is Joe from Taiwan. His jokes are so funny that he could easily make us laugh. The guy at the leftmost is Fiat from Thailand. He is also funny and shows concern for everyone. Finally, the guy in front is also from Saudi Arabia. His name is Ali. Well, he is not talkative but he made us enjoy his company.

We are from different countries but all of us have the same personality which made us become close friends. I will definitely treasure those memories we had even though we will have different journeys and life and may not see each other in the future.

By staying in Monol, I have gained the confidence and skill to express my thoughts and feelings in English. I am able to share my opinion and stories with my friends. I learn how to appreciate the different culture that we have.

I have learned from this experience that we can understand each other and can’t star trench it through the English language I can say that it is an extremely important bridge to interconnect every person and country.

best friends 2