Live at ease and worry-free at Monol

Affordable English learning is at reach here in Monol

Monol Baguio is an affordable English school in the Philippines. We provide high quality English training and hotel-style dormitories at an affordable cost. To support a well-balanced student life, Monol sustains and further improves its necessary services. By providing these with the best quality, we assure students that they can live comfortably on the campus and focus solely on their academics.

Moreover, Monol customized its dormitories to ensure efficient learning. To achieve this, we have equipped all rooms with a dehumidifier, refrigerator, and spacious study areas for each student. The academy also provides students with their complete beddings, wardrobe closets, laundry baskets, and clothes hangers.

The academy provides services such as room cleaning and laundry services for free and for unlimited times as well. Further, Monol serve meals every day with a variety of Asian cuisines along with a breakfast bar, sandwich and coffee bar as well as desserts.

As the years progress, Monol continues to improve its facilities and services to guarantee that each student lives worry-free.

  • Facilities and Services for Comfort

  • Healthy and Secure Campus

  • Your Home Away from Home


Models of Nonpareil and Outstanding Learning Corp. (MONOL) stands as the premier provider of English education in Baguio City, Philippines. We have established our expertise by continuously developing streamlined programs and ensuring exceptional services for the optimal benefit of international students.

MONOL does not only advocate providing great learning for English proficiency but also helping the students develop their sense of individualities and social awareness.