E-Learning with MONOL

Learning ESL online is not a new thing; however, Monol Online strives to go beyond traditional online ESL classes, which centers on casual talking. Our online curriculum offers the same materials and comprehensive approach of our offline classes, thus guaranteeing our online lessons’ quality.


Skilled and Experienced Teachers

Rest assured that Monol teachers are competent, skilled, and proficient individuals who excel in teaching online and offline. Continuous training and daily lesson plans help teachers skillfully facilitate classes in a virtual classroom. Additionally, they are also committed to providing an academically conducive environment that stimulates an actual classroom setting.

There are three training stages that teachers need to pass before becoming qualified to teach for the MONOL ONLINE program.

Getting to know the virtual classroom

Teachers are introduced to the virtual classroom software. Here, they are taught how to navigate through the application and utilize the different tools (basic and advanced) and functions to suit their lessons. This stage is where they familiarize themselves with their new online classroom setting. 

Managing an Online Classroom

The second stage focuses on training teachers in ONLINE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. This includes accessing and handling of the different teaching materials, as well as adjusting and adapting their classes to suit the online platform or classroom. All this is done while maintaining the quality of the lessons. 

Practicing Teaching Online

The third and final stage of training puts everything the teachers learned into practice. They perform online class simulations and observe actual MONOL ONLINE classes for their reference. Once they have practiced enough, the trainers assess the final teaching demo to see if they are qualified to become a MONOL ONLINE teacher. 

Learning the

Monol Way

For 17 years, Monol has cultivated our courses towards academic excellence for our international students. Our self-authored workbooks and in-depth lessons have helped many embrace the English language and successfully use it for their career, studies, travel, and other achievements. As we transition our curriculum and courses onto a digital platform, we maintain the same high-quality lessons and provide the full benefit of 1:1 learning.

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General ESL

Our General ESL course uses the Spiraling Framework and the Communicative Approach, which aims to help students build their foundation in English. General ESL classes are suitable for beginners and advanced users who wish to enhance their communication skills.

Post ESL

Meanwhile, our Post ESL courses focus on training and preparing students for the IELTS official test, as well as equipping them with practical skills in Business English to help them enter the global workforce.

Monol Online Kids

We also have a kids’ curriculum, MONOL ONLINE KIDS, which is suitable for young learners aged 6 to 12 years old. With our junior program, kids get a head start not only in mastering the language but also improve social skills and gain an academic edge.

Convenient and affordable

Monol Online offers comprehensive courses, dynamic curriculums, and interactive lessons at minimum cost. It is advantageous for those who want to avoid travel expenses and convenient for students who want flexible class hours. No matter where you are from or how old you are, Monol Online ensures a satisfactory online learning experience, as if you are studying abroad.

Building great study habits

Unlike traditional online classes, MONOL ONLINE students take classes from Mondays to Fridays following a complete lesson plan. Studying for five days a week definitely makes for productive learning habits. Aside from textbook-based lessons, we highly encourage students to practice through supplementary exercises apart from homework and workbook quizzes.

Take this opportunity as a step towards improving your English skills!