Boosting my confidence with Monol’s ESL course

Hello. My name is Lisa. In this article, I will introduce Monol’s ESL course.

I am taking Monol’s ESL course now. I have a total of seven class hours: 3 hours for 1:1 classes and 4 hours for 1:4 classes. 1:1 classes are: Listening for 2 hours and Reading is for 1 hour. Group classes have 4 students. The Speaking class is for 2hours, the Writing class is for 1hour and the Pronunciation class is for 1hour. There is a text book for the class and a workbook for homework in each subject. Students can review the lessons through the workbook and teachers check it carefully every day.

esl course

Let me tell you something about the Listening class.

First, the teacher asks some warm-up questions related to the topic and then, I give an ‘oral summary’ after. The teacher corrects the error in my content, grammar, and vocabulary in detail. After that, we listen to the audio file and fill in the blanks from the written passage in the textbook. Then, finally, we finish the class as we discuss the contents in the unit.

Now, let me introduce the Reading class.

The class starts with simple warm-up questions before actually reading the featured lesson.
The teacher checks my pronunciation, prolonged sound and stress while I read the passage aloud and corrects them. I can understand the unit perfectly by answering the questions. At the same time, I learn difficult vocabularies and their definitions after reading. At the last part, I summarize the lesson.

esl course

In the Speaking class, I have 4 classmates. In this class, we can have free discussion on various topics. The teacher’s role is important in this class because he/she helps the students talk freely and share many expressions. Everybody in the class is active and having fun so I’m enjoying the classes.

The Writing class is the same. I have 4 classmates. It also starts with warm-up questions related to the topic. Here, we learn grammar and practice making sentences using them.

When I do my homework, I write sentences using certain words.

esl course

I like that my teachers are of different nationality. I talk to them not only about lessons but I can also share my life to them. There is no uncomfortable atmosphere in the class because I feel like I am chatting to my friend. I think that learning English here is both productive and enjoyable.

Actually, I am majoring in English in my university and I learned English when I was young, but sometimes I am afraid of using it to other nationalities. I think that having man-to-man classes is very helpful to someone like me. Apart from that, my teachers encourage and help me to practice continuously. They are so kind! So now, I already have the courage and confidence to speak in English!