Business English Challenge

Today, I am going to introduce the courses in Monol. The four main courses of Monol are ESL, IELTS, TOEIC, and Business English. My original plan is to stay in Monol for 3 months and take the ESL course to adapt to the environment first. But because of personal reasons, I changed my plan to stay in Monol for just a month and take the Business course directly!

Flight Attendant, Post-Employment, and Pre-employment are the three courses in Business English! I chose the Flight Attendant course, which is famous in Monol. It has classes in listening, writing, debate, job interview, and flight attendant know-how. That’s a total of five subjects.

Let’s take a look at how thick the textbooks in Business English are. Every day I have to take such a large stack for my class – really exhausting!

business 1

business 2

This is my schedule for the weekdays. Then, I added the grammar class by choice. If you think the class is not suitable for you, you can cancel it.

Fortunately, all of my teachers are professionals and they like to help me fix my weaknesses.

business 3
My teachers~~

The homework in Business English is not as much as the ESL course. Making a PPT for the presentation and interview every Friday is the only homework. This is a challenge for students who have chosen the Business course!

The topic during the first week is about us. We get to know our weaknesses and strengths. I also understand my personality more deeply through this presentation. After the presentation, teachers will give comments and define your advantages and disadvantages. Teachers will also write down your grammar error clearly!

business 4

The most important thing is, the teachers recorded every presentation. After each presentation, you can attempt to figure out your problems and try to improve it by watching your recorded video. You can find out how much you have changed in one month! During my first presentation, I always forgot words and I was really embarrassed. But when I saw that I changed gradually, I think it is really worth it!

business 5

Do I feel tension seeing my video? It is so stressful that I can’t sleep well the day before the presentation. I was worried that I will not perform well! When I stayed in Monol, I think that time will never be enough and I will never be ready to be perfect. But I found out that I have more confidence than before, which makes me feel great!

Although it is more stressful to take this course, you can improve your skill efficiently under stress. I am delighted to study in the Philippines and I don’t regret choosing the Business course. I’m satisfied with the good environment and teachers of Monol. If someone asks me about going back to Baguio to study again, my answer is a 100 percent, yes.

Finally, I also want to recommend the 3+1 room and my favorite room teacher! In the 3+1 room, you have one more class hour with your teacher to improve your weakness. If you want to study English for a short time, this kind of room is a good choice. Although the English Only Policy is strict in Monol, students do not have much chance to speak English in their room. Hence, it is worthy to live with a teacher in your room in order to stay in an English environment for 24 hours.

business 6
She is my room teacher, also recognized as a beautiful teacher with good teaching skill.