Campus Building Overview

Let me introduce to you the campus building of Monol starting from the top. The building has 14 floors. The dormitories, classrooms, cafeteria, offices, etc. are all in one building and life is very convenient.

The top three floors mainly consist of the male dormitories, while the three floors below are for the female dormitories. Below the dormitories are the office and the student and employee lounge. Going down one floor, you will find the dining hall. After this, you will enter the classroom area, which covers three floors. At the bottom, two floors are the laundry service room and the yoga room.

The office floor is the main entrance of students. On this floor, you will also find the basketball court. The gym, the coffee shop, and sauna are below the basketball court, while the golf driving range is at the same level as the yoga room.

On every floor of the dormitory area, you will find large trash bins for students’ garbage. There is also a water dispenser on each floor and a public balcony area, which overlooks very good scenery of mountains and trees. There are rooms for one, two, three, four, and six students in Monol. You can choose the room that is suitable to your financial situation.

On the office floor, you will find the school’s internal staff for operations as well as the managers who are responsible for handling student affairs. The clerk who arranges room cleaning and maintenance are also in the office, as well as the staff in-charge of selling books and student payments. There is also an ATM at the main entrance and a huge bulletin board for announcements, class schedules, disciplinary penalties, and weekend trip information. There is also a small library on this floor, but I have never been there.

Meanwhile, the dining hall can accommodate up to 110 students at a time. Students who have studied in other academies say that the food in Monol is the best. Although I didn’t go to other schools yet, I think Monol’s food is very good.

Just like in the dormitory area, there are also water dispensers and public restrooms on each classroom floor. There are only two types of classrooms: one-on-one and group classrooms. The group classrooms can accommodate about five people.

The laundry room and yoga room are not described here in detail but these services are free. There are also five washing machines on the rooftop, which you can use at any time – just prepare your own washing powder.

Monol’s golf driving range and gym are also open 24 hours. There are also corresponding elective classes to choose from. There are coaches for golf, yoga, and Muay Thai.

Monol is about 3 kilometers away from Baguio City center. Because it is not in an urban area, there are many surrounding trees, the air is fresher, and the environment is quiet. You can take the local public transportation, jeepney, to the city for as low as PHP8.50, which is equivalent to CNY1.00. On the other hand, the taxi costs as low as PHP70.00, which is about CNY9.00.

Basically, this is an overview of the facilities of the entire school. Academics and entertainment are conveniently in a one package deal. The scenery around the school is good as well. Overall, the environment is quite satisfactory.

campus building 3

by Gordon