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Canto Restaurant, The Best!

When we visit an unfamiliar city, our five senses become extremely sensitive in all the senses that impact our memory. This is hard to forget and becomes sweet memories we can look back to in our life. I am willing to share a fascinating memory of mine during my visit to Baguio. Inside Canto Restaurant, there lay a special story in unforgettable tastes from our outstanding meal.

Since we were not familiar with the geography and after a 30-minute wait for our taxi, we had to travel for another hour to arrive at Canto Restaurant. We felt very hungry at the moment and surprised by the long line of people waiting to enter this restaurant. Our curiosity overpowered our hunger and led our minds to wait.

After another hour of waiting, we were able to find a table for ourselves. I remember the menu divided into three major meals – hamburgers, pizzas, and pork ribs. Not long after our wait, our meals arrived and surprise took us visually. Our hearts pounded as we smelled the food served. The meal was outstandingly well-cooked with a lustrous texture. The meal was hot, freshly made, an amazingly tasty. The moment the food touch to our lips when you by instinct that this mail has an unforgettable impact. Clearly, the food we tested in this restaurant deeply touched us.

I believe that there is a strong power in food. Everyone tasting the food in Canto Restaurant seemed pleasant and peaceful.  I have felt once more that food can become an artwork, bonding people in a positive way. The people I have met here in Baguio and all the precious memories have a connection to the meals I had in Canto Restaurant.

The smell, taste, and memories with the people I have met here will stay with me for life. Once I have another opportunity to revisit, I will immediately take it to feel the pleasure again. I always thank Teacher Cliff because he recommended canto restaurant to me.

by Kelvin

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