Academic Excellence

Honing you to be globally competitive

Courses that train students for various English language testing systems such as TOEIC and IELTS have also become widely received by the diversifying studentry in Monol. Apart from building their capacity to pursue these tests, Monol also provides Business English courses, which hone the students to be globally competitive and be equipped with skills that …

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The General ESL program

General ESL Building your foundation in English The Regular Speaking ESL course of Monol was launched in 2013 using original teaching materials. The course aims to build the foundation of students in English by applying the Spiraling framework and the Communicative Approach to the facilitation of classes. It is composed of 5 subjects, which constitutes 7 hours of classes …

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Comprehensive and Dynamic Curriculums

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Comprehensive and Dynamic Curriculums Building your foundation in English Monol’s General ESL program is designed to help students build their foundation in English. The curriculum makes use of the Spiraling Framework and Communicative Approach, which promote retention and contribute to the sharpening of students’ abilities to use everyday English. Preparing you to be …

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