What’s New (Activities)

Frontliners and halloween

Halloween 2020: A salute to frontliners!

This year’s Halloween celebration stands different from the usual display of ghouls, ghosts, and creepy creatures of the night. Instead of the customary spooky aesthetic and costumes, Monol’s Halloween 2020 is all about paying tribute to our everyday heroes: the FRONTLINERS. Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, our health and essential workers place themselves at risk …

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Moving to the music: Zumba at Monol 2019

Zumba is a simple yet great way to get moving. Undeniably, day to day activities like sitting in class or doing desk work can get sedentary. So, with this exercise as well as other fitness programs in Monol, the school hopes to promote an active lifestyle.

Teachers participate in Skills Enhancement Activity

Teachers are influential figures in a student’s life. They not only help students learn their chosen craft but also become a friend in the process. Coincidentally lining up with the Philippine’s National Teacher’s Month this September, the teachers of Monol are attending fulfilling activities such as team buildings and skills enhancement training