Live and Learn with Monol

Live and learn: Weekend Trips

Monol’s Weekend trips are something the students can look forward to every two weeks. After spending their weekdays hitting the books and attending classes, the academy gives students an opportunity to travel and explore. These trips introduce students to different places, cultures, and even interests while at the same time helping them unwind.

Healthy and secure campus

Complete and balanced meals Monol washes meat, fruits, and vegetables using purified water. Plates, bowls, and utensils are washed using filtered water and are sterilized. At the same time, the academy’s kitchen personnel are required to get health certificates before getting hired. They renew these certificates every six months as required by the City Health Office. Medical Assistance …

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Discovering new hobbies and interests

Free use of fitness facilities: yoga and Pilates room, gym, sauna All facilities at Monol are open to both students and employees without any fee. The gym, yoga room, and sauna are open every day of the week. Instructors are also available to offer classes in yoga and Pilates, as well as in bodybuilding, boxing, and self-defense. …

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Facilities and services for comfort

ROOM CLEANING AND CHANGE OF BEDDINGS Monol has friendly and reliable housekeeping personnel who take care of the cleaning of dormitories and changing of beddings. The requests can be done every day as long as there are available slots. Room cleaning, based on the requests made by students, can also be done every day at specific times. On the other hand, change …

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Customized facilities for efficient learning

Dormitories at Monol are customized for efficient and comfortable learning! What’s inside a room at Monol? Dehumidifier Refrigerator Separate restroom and shower room Dormitory amenities: Complete beddings Study table Study lamp Wardrobe closets Laundry basket Clothes hangers Extension cord Each cabinet has a lock plate, which is designed particularly for portable locks that students can …

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Monol’s On-campus Activities

Parties and talent showdowns are also arranged regularly at Monol. These events have themed programs where both students and teachers are drawn together to interact and learn from each other, while showcasing their unique talents. Various competitions such as essay writing are also some of these activities. During the start of the term, students get to enjoy …

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Free fitness and sport programs

Fitness and sport programs are also offered at Monol for free. From a tamer choice of exercise such as yoga, pilates, and golf, to a more intense physical activity like boxing and mixed martial arts, students now have various choices to learn and discover new interests while keeping themselves fit. GYM Apart from using the gym to stay fit, …

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Honing you to be globally competitive

Courses that train students for various English language testing systems such as TOEIC and IELTS have also become widely received by the diversifying studentry in Monol. Apart from building their capacity to pursue these tests, Monol also provides Business English courses, which hone the students to be globally competitive and be equipped with skills that …

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