Students’ Corner

Introducing Monol’s delicious meals

Today, I will introduce to you something important: the food here at Monol academy. The first advantage when eating here at Monol is that the food is served buffet-style for all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Here are some of the best Monol meals in my opinion.

Changes after studying for 3 months in Baguio

One of the biggest changes in me over the past three months is that I no longer feel burdened when using and speaking English. I can express my thoughts in English. Sure, it is far from being very fluent but that is already a big change for me. 

Using EOP on our San Juan Trip

The cost was about 80,000 won for the meals, beer, van, and lodging. I didn’t think it was expensive at all. The sea was so beautiful that I wanted to visit every week. If you plan on taking a language training course in Monol, make sure to take weekend trips to different places with your friends! We recommend San Juan beach by all means! I was so impressed because of its beauty.

My Teachers in Monol

I feel that in this language environment, no matter what teaching method you choose, there will always be progress. This is because you HAVE to speak English. Other language teachers don’t understand that.

Listening class

Great Speaking Practice with One-on-one Listening Class

I would like to explain what happens in listening class. I’m currently enrolled in the Regular speaking ESL program. We have three hours of one-on-one classes and four hours of group classes. For our listening class, it is a one-on-one class that lasts for two hours.

Beginning Your English Journey through General ESL

In this issue, there are 53 new students! They are from various places such as China, Taiwan, South Korean, Japan, and Vietnam. Six of them are from South Korea! Because of the diverse age range, I can have schoolmates that are between 5-50 years old! There really is no end to learning and you can learn regardless of age. I am very curious as to how the children learn.

Food Adventure Outside of Monol Academy

Most of the time, students enjoy the meals cooked in Monol but if you want to explore and hang-out with friends on the weekends, you can choose to eat outside of the school. This is also a great way to relieve stress since you’re working hard studying English in a foreign country.