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One-on-one lessons in Monol

Hello Everyone 🙂 I have been waiting for you ^ ^  I am very much excited to share the topic that I would be covering today.  With all confidence, I can say that one-on-one lessons are the best thing that you can get at a language school in the Philippines.  One-to-one lessons are hard to find in …

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3+1 Program

【Philippine Study Abroad Homestay】 3+1 Program Hello, this is David. In this article, I will introduce the life in the “3 + 1 room” where I live in MONOL. The “3 + 1 room” is a very unusual room where three students and one Filipino teacher live.   Table of contents 3 + 1 Room Benefits  3 + 1 …

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Intensive Oral ESL Introduction

Monol ‘s Intensive Oral ESL Course is designed to improve speaking skills and provide a four-hour one-on-one course in each of the subjects. I want to briefly explain each subject. 1.PD (Picture Description photo description ) This is an hour-long course with texts and associated words on the textbooks, and the teacher guides the students to correctly describe the pictures …

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Student posing at Bencab lake

Baguio Language Training with Cultural Experience

Good morning. I am Shawn, a correspondent who will be writing testimonials for Baguio Monol International Education Institute.  I arrived at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport from Sydney at 7 pm. After the plane landed at the airport in Manila, everybody suddenly applauded. I was curious and asked the passengers sitting next to me and they said it …

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