Studying in Baguio is Fun

Studying in Baguio is Fun Philippine Study Abroad! Hello, this is reporter IYO! Two weeks have passed in my stay in Baguio and the facilities and rules of MONOL came to be no problem. Even so, learning English is still challenging…. I am doing very well in my English listening and speaking skills. After all, …

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Intensive Speaking Course

[Course Introduction] Intensive Speaking Course For Those Who Want to Practice Speaking Hello, this is David. Have you read my school selection article? This time, I will introduce some contents of the original teaching material about the Intensive Speaking Course which I attended for the first month. Course features There are three main features. 【1】 Curriculum with Emphasis on …

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Lucia – After a Month

A month has already passed, it feels like I just got in Monol recently. I feel like time flies so fast, I always feel that the time is not yet enough. The school is beautifully sheltered in the mountains, the temperature is suitable throughout the year, it is lukewarm and very suitable for learning, but …

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Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad The key is “work life balance” and “cost performance” Hello. I am David (of course, it’s my English name used in MONOL). From now, I would be a reporter that tells life from Baguio. I would also be sharing details and attractiveness of MONOL’s class from a student’s point of view. In this …

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IELTS Practice Exam

Preparing for a real test with IELTS Practice Exam I have been taking IELTS classes since last month.  MOCK TESTS are conducted every Friday here in Monol.  All IELTS students are scheduled to take a test at 8:00 am.  The first test is to finish TASK 1 and TASK 2 about a certain topic within 1 …

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About Monol IELTS Mock Test

I am studying IELTS and preparing for the official exam in Monol. My biggest burden when I took the IELTS course for the first time was taking a mock test every Friday. What is the mock test in Monol? It is a test to stimulate the procedure and atmosphere of the real official exam (listening, …

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Apply for Free Classes and Improve your English Skills Efficiently

There are three curricula at Monol International Education Institute.  The curricula are General ESL Speaking-Intensive Speaking, IELTS, TOEIC and Business English curriculum to help you prepare for the official examinations.  There are five day courses for General ESL in the form of one-to-one and group classes. I personally prefer the Intensive speaking classes rather than the …

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