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Celebrating Festivals in Baguio

The third week since I arrived in Baguio, I experienced celebrating a holiday. That Friday night we went to the most bustling center of SM Baguio. It takes about 20 minutes to get there from Monol to SM without the traffic jams.

When we got off the taxi, we were attracted by the festive atmosphere there. On this busy day, everyone sang and danced here. The shops were bright and lively. Rows of vintage and classic vehicles were also parked on the road. We could hear the music and watch the bustling commercial street.

Celebrating 4

There is a night market well known in Baguio in which you can find almost everything. But because today is a holiday, there are too many people. We were afraid to get lost, so we decided not to go. We just stayed on the overpass to see the whole view of the night market. It’s really bustling. I presume that many beautiful things can really be found there. I look forward to visiting it next time.

Celebrating 3

After touring around for 2 hours, we decided to go back to Monol. The only drawback here is that it is difficult to get a taxi during the holidays. So, we walked a little bit of distance and successfully got a taxi on our way that brought us back to the school.

When we arrived at Monol, our companions just arrived at the school gate at the same time. They bought some ingredients for tomorrow’s BBQ. Haha. We can make our own barbecue tomorrow. Having a barbecue at an open space inside the Monol campus is wonderful.

Before I went back to the dorm, I went to the clinic in Monol. Because I had colds a few days ago, I came in for a checkup. Inside the clinic was our beautiful nurse slash sister. The nurse is all on duty until 12 o’clock, so do not worry about being sick here. After the nurse gave me effective medicine to me, she reminded me to have a good rest. They are so lovely. By the way, there were also some teachers who would help you go to the hospital. They were very thoughtful about the health of the students.

The last time I got sick, I had to rest in the clinic for 2 hours. Hence, I wasn’t able to attend 2 classes. Then, I got a penalty for 2 hours! After that, I needed to study alone in the study room to remove my penalty! A checker would really make sure if a student had studied or not. They are really responsible. They check the classroom every hour. If students don’t go to the study hall, they will receive a double penalty. Fortunately, I finished my study class, so there was no penalty. I could go out for fun on Sunday.

Celebrating 2

For a pleasant holiday on weekends, we must study hard at all times. Because the students from different countries are gathered here, the living habits of students might be slightly different. Honestly, Japanese students are really studying hard. Many of them study until two or three in the morning. Oh, my gosh! How did they do it? Every day they study so hard that their country is really proud of them. I am going to study now. I hope that there will be great progress. Come on!

by Lucia