Changes after studying for 3 months in Baguio

It has been almost three months since I started studying in Baguio. Three months in Korea feels so long but my three months here in Monol went by so fast. 

I have a week left before I return to Korea… If only I could turn back time, I would go back three months to when I just started!

In my stay here, I noticed some changes in me after studying for three months.

  1. Gained more confidence in speaking English

In my case, I have been learning English since third grade. Since then, I have been studying English daily until I graduated from university. Although strangely, when I meet native English speakers or people who speak English fluently, I could not say a word to them when I had the chance to talk.

Not only did I lack confidence in my English skills, but I also felt awkward when trying to speak English too. 

One of the biggest changes in me over the past three months is that I no longer feel burdened when using and speaking English. I speak English for eight hours a day with my teachers. I also speak English with my roommates and friends during our free time. I can express my thoughts in English. Sure, it is far from being very fluent but that is already a big change for me. 

  1. Improved practical English

For example, we learn the most Basic English words in Korea. With that, I think there are huge differences from the English Koreans who are familiar with the English that is used. I knew a lot of English words when I was in Korea but I did not know how to use those words naturally. As a result, they usually did not fit the context I was speaking from.

Now, I can use words that are appropriate for each situation. Through real conversations, I could feel and distinguish what felt awkward and apply changes. I think this was a great help to me.

  1. Willingness to study English further

Finally, I want to say that studying English is the starting point in my life. The first reason I came to Baguio to study English is because of the working holiday in Australia. I wanted to learn enough Basic English so I could land a job. Now, my goals have changed. At first, I was already satisfied with learning conversational English but after three months of studying in Monol, I grew interested in the English language.

If I get the chance, I would like to try studying abroad in an English-speaking country after the end of the working holiday. Thanks to Monol, I can dream a new dream!


This phrase is related to success. My reading teacher wrote it in class last term. When interpreted, it means ‘Don’t be afraid, challenge without fear!’ It has such a deep meaning.

I only have one week left in Baguio. Next time I will tell you what you need to do before returning to Korea when you have finished your language studies.