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Choose the course best for you

Today, I want to share information about my third course in Monol under the POST-ESL course which is Business English. I’ll also share tips on how to choose the course best for you.

Business English is divided into three parts: first is the pre-employment course, second is post-employment, and the last one is the flight attendant training course. I will introduce the features and differences of those three courses.

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First, the pre-employment course is designed for students who have just graduated from university and have no work experience. The main content of this course will guide students to find a job which is suitable for them. Since I did not attend this course, I can just share some simple information that I got from the Business English Head Teacher. According to the head teacher, the course teaches students how to write resumes and letters, and how to have conversations in business situations.

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The other course is the post-employment course. Actually, this is the course that I took, so I know it from experience. This course includes 4 subjects taught in 7 hours a day.

One of the subjects is writing. This subject focuses on writing business letters. You can learn how to write letters for certain situations, like how to borrow money from the bank personally or for your company and how to reply to application letters. They also teach you the sides of each situation, like whether you totally or partly agree or disagree. While writing letters, you will learn some business information from different sides. Therefore, you do not learn only how to write letters but also how to communicate in business settings. Those are the most important reasons why you should learn Business English. Moreover, all Business English teachers have business backgrounds, and they have been trained for a long time before teaching Business English. So, the teachers are good at teaching Business English.

The second subject is how to make a business presentation with the help of ppt. Every Friday, you have to give a presentation in front of the teachers and other students. After your presentation, you will also engage in a question-and-answer portion. It’s OK if you don’t know how to make a good ppt. What’s more important is how to give a great presentation. You must express your own opinions clearly and try to be confident. You are going to learn these skills once you take this class. I think that it is really useful in your work, although it can make you feel stressed.

The third subject is reading: we are going to read many articles or news about business; we will learn many business vocabularies and business dialogues.

The fourth subject is business communication: This class can improve your vocabulary, listening, reading skills and so on. This subject is more comprehensive.

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The last course is for someone who wants to get a job in the aviation industry—flight attendant training. The course has a specific direction. I didn’t join take the course, so I can’t give you a professional suggestion and advice.


Who should take these three courses?

  1. If you are interested in business English, take any of them.
  2. Should you be wanting to learn how to make a good resume, you had better choose the first course in Business English.
  3. Wishing to improve your business vocabularies and dialogues during a work? You better choose the second course in Business English.
  4. If you want to learn how to do a presentation in English, you also had better choose all these courses. Whether the course is for pre-employment, post-employment, or flight attendant training, you have to prepare a ppt for your presentations every Friday. You better prepare yourself mentally so you will not feel nervous in your first presentation.
  5. If you want to have a job the aviation industry and you need to be familiar with expressions about this type of work in English, take the flight attendant training.

PS:These courses have certain requirements, so if you want to attend these any of them, you have to take an entrance exam or you can make arrangements with the head teacher of Business English to allow you to take any of the courses. Don’t be nervous; it is not as difficult as you had imagined.

by Chun