My Closest Friend in Monol

My closest friend in Monol is a beautiful Korean girl whose name is Bell.

She is the prettiest student in Monol from a lot of surveys. Not only her appearance is gorgeous, but she also has a good personality. She is so kind that she always takes care of her friends around. Nobody can stop falling in love with her. I regret knowing her so late that we did not have enough time to hang out during Monol trip.

In my last month, Bell became my classmate. She likes smiling and kidding me. We sang a goodbye song for our speaking teacher, Julie, together and we played games and ate food at Julie’s apartment. We were so sad because Julie will go to Japan to work.

I don’t know the reason why we became the closest friends only in one month; I am satisfied with this experience with her. She is very brave that she always tries her best to get what she wants. She is the bravest girl I have ever seen because she never stops challenging herself. I like Bell the most.

We have a lot of memories in Monol. Thanks to Bell because she shared her funny stories which made me laugh. Actually, Bell is a little muscular because she often went to the gym to do exercises. Because of her, I had many fantastic experiences. It’s hard to say goodbye to her, my closest friend. I hope she will be pretty and happy forever.

closest friend 2