Coming back to Monol

Coming back at Monol is never a hard decision.

First of all, there are many English language schools in the Philippines, most of which are run by Koreans. Most foreigners in Baguio are Koreans. Even in language schools, there are mostly Korean students. These schools are cheaper compared to those in China. So why not learn English and travel abroad?

When you decide to choose Baguio, you don’t need to worry about security. When you come here, you will find that the Baguio people are very nice and basically everyone can speak English. There is no problem with communication at all. So far, I haven’t met a local who can’t speak English.

coming back 1

Before I chose my English language schools, my agency and friends recommended a total of four schools. Although my first experience was very good, I still wanted to check out other schools and compare them with Monol. The schools I chose are all in Baguio. The reason I chose Baguio is that the weather here is really good. It is just like spring. The climate is cool and the annual average temperature is between 12 to 25 degrees. To Filipinos, the summer capital is like a summer resort.

Among the four recommended schools, I eventually chose two. Compared to Monol, the other school only has 20 to 30 students, wherein there are only one or two Chinese students. Although both are close to the city center (SM Mall and Burnham Park), the other school’s facilities are not very complete.

On the other hand, Monol has a good management system and penalty measures. For example, on weekdays, students can go out from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. If you don’t follow, you will get a penalty. In Monol, you can also choose your course freely. If you like one-on-one learning, you can change your group classes to one-on-one or you can also add one-on-one classes.

Finally, after a comprehensive comparison, I chose Monol and decided to study for two months more.

This is my second time to study at Monol. After studying here the first time, I had friends who asked me about my experience in the Philippines. They asked me questions like, “Is it safe in the Philippines?” or “Do you understand the people talking to you?” I think that when you go abroad to study English, you will realize that these are not really big problems. You just need to learn English with a peace of mind.

by Michael