Consequence of taking the IELTS course for 3 months

It has been 3 months already after I have studied IELTS in Monol!

Every day was too short for me to accomplish classes and homework! I finally got my target score in the official examination. It means the course helped me significantly!


When I studied IELTS in Korea, I usually got corrections and feedback on my essay after 5 to 10 days. But here in Monol, what I like the most is I always receive the results right away or a day after the class. That is why my writing skills improved a lot and very fast.

There were almost 50 students for one teacher in a class room in a Korean academy. When I studied with them, if I spoke out even just one sentence in a class, it was already too much even if it was a speaking class.

Here in Monol, Monol offers man to man and group classes in speaking. I made myself proficient through man to man speaking class.

All my teachers were willing to correct me right after when my idea was out of the question or if I constructed wrong sentences which helped me really well!

Also a mock test is the best method to improve your skills and for you to know your real score!


I have studied IELTS for 3 months in Korea and also in Monol, Baguio. When it comes to a range of my improvement, Monol definitely made me get my target score.

I hope you achieve your goal in Monol like mine.