Coronavirus preventive measures in Monol [UPDATED]

Alarming news about the Coronavirus has reached a global scale and more countries are getting more affected every day. It is very important to enforce preventive measures for the safety and security of our students and employees.

Effective immediately, Monol will be imposing these measures at the campus:

  1. All students, teachers, and employees will be given ONE Face Mask a day, every day. Everyone is mandated to wear their face mask all the time.
  2. Hand sanitizers will be provided in each classroom, dormitory, and in public areas around the school.
  3. Students, employees, and visitors entering the school will be mandated to undergo a body temperature check at the main gate.
  4. Monol will provide a single room, online classes, and meal delivery to new students who show symptoms. They will be monitored closely.
  5. Regardless of nationality, room type, and program, all new students will be assigned to single rooms or have at most, one roommate only for two (2) weeks. During their first four (4) weeks, they will automatically take five (5) hours 1:1 classes and will not be allowed to join optional classes for two (2) weeks.
  6. Monol Nurse will be monitoring new students for any symptoms for two (2) weeks and they may transfer to their original room type after this period if they show no indication of the virus infection. Students will also proceed with their original course after four (4)weeks.

As further support to our preventive measures, we will apply the following to new registrations:

  1. We will not accept new registrations in our room for 6 to avoid assigning students in crowded dormitories.
  2. We will make adjustments so as not to reach the full capacity of our dormitories. That being said for those who are already registered in the room for 6, we may only assign a maximum of 4students in a room. We will arrange a maximum of 3 students in our room for 4 and a maximum of 2 students in our room for 3 and 3+1.

These precautionary measures are to be followed for an indefinite period. Rest assured, Monol will stay up to date when it comes to news updates about the situation. Announcements will be made for any further developments.

[UPDATE] March 2020

Please be informed of the following:
As of March 10, 2020, there will be a temporary suspension of Monol’s upcoming Weekend Trip activities until further notice due to the current COVID-19 coronavirus situation. With the current outbreak, the school places the students’ safety as a top priority.

For students who still wish to travel on their own or go out on the weekends, the school encourages being vigilant and to always follow proper hygiene and safety precautions.