Speak Out!


Regular Speaking ESL focuses on the improvement of a student’s skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as in grammar and pronunciation. It has two (2) proficiency levels: Foundational ESL and Essential ESL, which define the abilities of students to comprehend, express and communicate using the language. Each sublevel of Foundational and Essential ESL are designed for eight (8) weeks but may be shortened through LEVEL UP examinations done every four (4) weeks.

  • Two proficiency levels: Foundational and Essential with three (3) sub-levels: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced with 8 weeks duration per sub-level

  • Constitutes seven (7) class hours (1:1 class 3 hours; 1:4 group class 4 hours)

  • Evaluates students using a Percentage Grading System

  • Enforces a Bridge Program to students who fail to reach the passing score on every level

*IELTS Band Score equivalent of the levels is gauged after each level’s completion.
*Students without classmates will take five hours 1:1. (Listening, Reading, Speaking / Listening, Reading, Writing, Pronunciation)
*Students are given the option to add man-to-man classes for a fee. Converting  group classes to man-to-man classes are possible as well.

Grading System

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is designed for a four-week study of students who achieved a Final Grade of 76 and below after eight (8) weeks. Students who failed to reach 80% in the Revalidation Tests also go through the Bridge Program, since their Placement results serve as their Final Grade for their proficiency level. The Bridge Program in the Listening and Reading classes are composed of additional units, while Speaking, Writing, Grammar and Pronunciation Bridge Programs serve as a refresher course.

Revalidation Test

Students who get a Final Grade of 77-79 are required to take a Revalidation Test done every first Monday of a term. This is to determine whether students proceed to the next proficiency level or the Bridge Program. Thus, the results of the Revalidation Test are considered to be the students’ Final Grade for their proficiency level. Those who wish to reassess their proficiency level can also take this test. However, the result of the test bears no effect to the Final Grade of students.

Level Test

Level tests are given to students on the first Monday of the term. Students are evaluated separately in their Listening, Reading/Speaking, and Writing skills. The results of these tests determine the starting level of the students.