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Daily Routine of Mine

Learning in Monol is like returning to high school. Every day, there are fixed courses and we must follow all the rules and regulations of the school. Your daily routine is important to having good results in your study.

First is Monol penalty. As long as you violate the school’s regulations, you will be punished. The measure is to study in the one-on-one classroom during the weekend. During the time, students can’t do anything which is unrelated to learning. There will be a person-in-charge to check you from time to time. If you are watching movies or doing other things, the hours of your penalty will be increased.

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Since Monol has implemented the policy of EOP (English Only Policy) which means students need to use the English language all of the time. On weekdays, there are checkers to monitor students. Once the students speaking in other languages are caught, they will get a penalty. Furthermore, there are many students speak in their mother language unconsciously during lunch and dinner and then get the penalty. In case, some people still have the remaining penalty when they are going to graduate, they need to pay for it.

There is also a penalty for absenteeism and failing to return to school on time. Moreover, the penalty party has been held once a month. The school will use the collected fines to buy food and beverage to hold a party for all students.

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Second, I’m going to introduce my daily routine and the schedule of students in Monol from Monday to Friday:

630 am – 700 am is the time you can attend the morning class. Students participate in voluntary activities. Since I was lazy to get up early, I have never attended the early morning classes.

700 am – 800 am is the time of breakfast

800 am – 500 pm is the time for regular classes

Students have one hour break time from 12:00 to 13:00. They should attend their class according to what’s in the course they’ve chosen. If you take IELTS course, you are going to have 7-hour classes in one day which means that you just have one more hour break time except for the lunch break time.

500 pm – 600 pm is the time that student can attend grammar class. Since I had chosen the basic level class, I personally think that the content of the class is quite easy.

600 pm – 700 pm students can have dinner.

700 pm – 900 pm is the time for night classes

Students can choose IELTS speaking, TOEIC speaking, and Job interview. The classroom of each class changes every week which is according to the numbers of students who have applied to night class. Usually, it’s around 4-7 people. Basically, all of the night classes focus on training the speaking skills of students. When I was particular in IELTS speaking class, the teacher prepared for many questions, let everyone explain their own view, and discussed each topic with students. Sometimes, we also played games together. Since we are all from different countries, we can learn about various cultures through conversation.

All of the night classes are elective courses; thus, the English level of each student isn’t identical. Some students can speak fluently and explain their opinion clearly, unlike other students who just can simply answer one or two sentences. But if you have endurance, you will be able to see the progress of listening and speaking skill.

700 pm – 900 pm other elective courses

For some students who are getting tired to study after attending their classes for the whole day, they can choose other elective courses. The main courses are yoga, golf, wrestling, and so on. Furthermore, you can go to the gym anytime and there is a coach in the gym from 300 pm – 1200 pm to assist beginners who do not know how to use the equipment.

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm is the period that student can go out. Once you come back late, you will get a penalty, even just for one minute; hence, there is a good study atmosphere in MONOL. Moreover, you can make friends with other nationalities and learn different culture at the same time.

by Michael