Does Studying for three months in Monol improve your English skills?

Only two days are left before I end my journey in Monol. Looking back, it wasn’t too bad. In fact, I think it was a meaningful and worthwhile experience. I had three months to experience many different things, but the most important is that my English skills have improved. I will talk about some tips and how I felt while studying in Monol.

When I first came to Monol, my English was measurable. I had already wanted to learn English for a long time. However, because of my lazy nature, I did not study English words since high school days. Speaking takes me longer to explain the words.

Before, I repeatedly used the same English so my skills were limited when forming sentences. It was not comfortable to speak English at that time. Also, there were times when I translated English into Korean when it came to long sentences.

Tips for studying English

As soon as you start your lessons with your teachers, it is best to build your confidence and tell yourself that you are good in English. After class, I talked about this and understood English better. My habit of translating in Korean slowly disappeared.

Normally, when attending an English language school, students bring grammar and vocabulary books. However, for me, I did not bring mine at all. I thought that if I came to memorize the vocabulary, I could do well enough in Korea.

Learn your vocabulary words

When the time came that I saw my lessons, I was thinking I needed my workbook. Because of my lack of English words, I often could not express what I wanted to say. If you are unfamiliar with basic words, I recommend learning them before coming to Monol.

In my case, I do not know the words in my class but I kept track of those words in my notebook. Since I wrote it down, I saw it 10 times in a day. It would have been better to read and understand it a few times each evening especially for a person with a lazy personality.

At the time, I used to search the vocabulary again and again. This helped me memorize words that I often used and naturally got used to them.

Monol: Live and Learn

The school only has one building and students have to take a taxi or jeep to get to the city or town proper. Because of this, activities may be limited. Be that as it may, this set up promotes a learning atmosphere on weekdays. Meanwhile, weekends are a great time to play, hang out, and explore with foreign friends.

When I first came to Monol, I was worried that I could not make friends and end up alone. Along the way, I met a lot of teachers and friends in Monol. Many have ended their terms already. Although it is a shame at first, I feel like I am getting older.

I think my time learning English in the Philippines is a great experience not only for studying the English language but also for making friends and happy memories. Thank you!

Student Hansel