Electives Overview

Besides MONOL’s major courses, we also have three and a half hours of free electives for students to choose. For those students who require more intense study time, electives can make your daily study more fulfilling.

Some students who study ESL already have a 7-hour compulsory course every day. If you choose all the elective courses, the class time on that day is 10.5 hours. If you think the time is too long, you can only choose 1 to 2 hours or not, it depends on how everyone wants to arrange their own study time.

Let me introduce the contents of these three and a half hour electives (Elective classes are mostly held every Monday to Thursday, and Fridays and weekends are generally not taught).

The first is the morning lesson from 6:30 am to 7:00 am. This class is relatively free. There is no need to apply. You can attend the classes every morning or If you can’t get up early, you can skip classes. The content of the teacher’s class is flexible, and sometimes it may be pronunciation, speaking, listening and so on. It is like a warm-up that you start learning every day. It gives you more opportunities to listen to and speak English, and it allows you to start your day more effectively.

Grammar electives are from 17:00 to 18:00. Most of the courses in the school end at 16:50. If you want to learn more about grammar, you can choose this grammar elective course. There are textbooks for grammar electives. If you sign up, you must go to class every day. If you skip class, you will get a penalty. The biggest difference in this course is that the teacher uses English to explain grammar, examples, and let students make sentences. Sometimes you will find new explanation methods that are different from those in China, which will allow you to understand the meaning of this grammar more completely.

electives 2

19:00 to 21:00 is an oral elective course. There are three different course contents to choose from. One is the TOEIC speaking class, the second is the IELTS speaking class, and the third is the JOB interview class. Choose the type you want to learn based on your preference. Of course, you can study each course for one month and spend three months to learn every course. For the JOB interview class, the teacher gives questions that may be encountered during various interviews. The preparation and attention will be explained before the interview. The students need to express their own ideas and sometimes discuss the teacher’s questions in groups.

The other two oral classes are also focused on discussion. The initial two or three classes started with pronunciation training. After that, each class teacher gave several topics for students to express their opinions and discuss. The main purpose was to let everyone practice speaking in English. Through that, you can find out your incorrect expression habits your because of teacher correct for you every time.

If you feel that your daily study time is too long after you chose Monol’s electives, you can have the option to cancel it. However, the application cancellation will be effective next week. You need completing this week’s class and quit it next week. In my case, I only took the speaking courses from 19:00 to 21:00, but some of my classmates chose all three and a half hours of classes in order to study more.

by Gordon