MONOL Baguio is Officially Opening Once Again 🎉

MONOL Baguio is finally ready to get back on its feet after two years into the Covid 19 pandemic. Following the soft opening last May 2022, it’s time for an official opening this November. With our newly renovated facilities and reorganized curriculum, MONOL is all set up to cater to the needs of its students.

Let’s start off with our affordable rooms. Considering the importance of our students’ personal hygiene and living space, we have removed our 4-person and 6-person rooms. Currently, we provide single standard, semi-single, triple, and double deluxe bedrooms. Second, Monol now runs a 24/7 hotel-style reception with a hardworking housekeeping team to guarantee comfort and convenience. Next, we also offer 5 sessions of 1:1 basic classes for each curriculum and an additional four sessions for optional group classes. Lastly, students now have the option to prepare their own food or purchase their meals from the dining area.

Monol Baguio and BESA

In addition to our upcoming official opening, MONOL has rejoined the Baguio English School Association (BESA) once again. BESA currently handles the longest-running ESL schools in the country. The association also serves students all over Asia and is expanding its program to the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. With this, our membership with BESA positions us as one of the high quality English training schools in the City of Baguio. 

We have continuously upgraded our facilities and services to better serve our students’ needs and expectations. Moreover, with our partnership with BESA, MONOL is more than ready to inspire and create a memorable study abroad experience here in the Philippines. 

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