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Enriched Learning Life

Unknowingly, I have been in Monol academy for more than one month. Time flies during my learning days, and my English skill keeps on improving. It has built my confidence. I am finally seeing the good result of the enriched learning system and I am secretly pleased.

In Monol, the student can have a one-to-one class that has an effective format to consider a student’s level of learning. Another form is the group class where a student can have discussions with classmates from different countries. The teachers usually give us a topic, and we observe our speaking skills, listening skills, and reaction speed. I think that I have become more active in my classes. We can also apply for additional optional classes for free. However, if you don’t attend these classes after applying for them, you will get a penalty.

The peak seasons in Monol are during winter and summer vacation. I’m studying here in the off-season, but there are still many students in the dining area every day. It seems to me that Monol is a really popular academy.

The climate in Baguio is cool and Monol is situated in the mountains. It usually rains in the afternoon here, so students need to be careful about having a cold. Fortunately, there is a clinic in Monol where the nurses work until midnight during weekdays. No need to worry about having no one to take care of you.

The nurses of Monol gave me effective medicine and helped me to recover. They are so sweet. In addition, if you have a serious disease, a staff will accompany you to the hospital.

Besides learning, we can also relax on weekends. Baguio is a good place for vacation. There are nearby beaches where people can surf and dive. Students can go on a picnic in some parks, too, and so on. Learning and entertainment – Monol kills two birds with one stone.

In the past, I studied the ESL course to learn some basic English skills. I think most of the teachers in Monol have a good accent and teaching ability. I am always influenced positively by their enthusiasm. If I don’t study hard, I will be sorry about their efforts in teaching. They also help me broaden my horizon. The teachers in Monol are pure and kind as they are willing to teach their students without reservation. Every teacher here is great.

Next month, I am going to transfer to the IELTS course, I look forward to having more experiences and improvement in my English skill.

By Lucia

enriched learning