Exciting Memories at 100 Islands

Just like other people, I also have some exciting memories in my life, especially and experienced in the Philippines, which was really unforgettable.

Last month, I went to Hundred Islands with my schoolmates. Hundred Islands, by its name, consists of more than 100 islands. Different islands have different activities, so we selected six islands and rented a boat to go there. We didn’t have internet and nobody knew how to contact the tourist agency. Therefore, the only activity we could do was banana boating. Even though we were in such a bad situation, nobody complained. Everyone enjoyed swimming and snorkeling. We also ate Jollibee food and played games along the beach. As a result, we nearly forgot the time. Finally, after 5 hours waiting, the boat came and took us back.

Even though we didn’t have enough time to experience other extreme activities, we were not regretful because we spend our leisure time wisely and enjoyed every moment in this island. In other aspects, I have learned a lot from my schoolmates who came from different countries. Koreans taught me to not be concerned about my personal gains and losses. The Japanese made me understand that if we have a positive attitude, we will attract something good. These are just a few of the exciting memories I had.

With that, I will treasure my life, treasure time, and treasure my friends.

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