Experiencing MONOL’s offline and online courses

My journey began when I studied at MONOL school located in Baguio. Because I cannot bear the heat (and am afraid of the cold), I chose Baguio, known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

One of the reasons I picked MONOL for learning English is because of their English Only Policy. No matter which country you hail from or how bad your English skills are, you cannot speak in your mother tongue.


This school rule is suitable for people like me who wish to improve their communication skills as I have to force myself to use English. Because of this, my progress in terms of speaking was fast!

Also, I believe that learning in MONOL is more effective than studying at home. I want to study hard, and when I see everyone doing their best, I cannot help but want to join them. (It is easy to do things halfway when you’re studying at home and do something else! I don’t know if you have the same problem.)

Also, I made a lot of friends from different countries. They have inspired and motivated me very much!



I was part of the last batch that arrived in MONOL before countries closed because of the pandemic.

The school enforced various preventive measures very well. They arranged teachers to stay at the campus even before the community quarantine, did grocery shopping once a week for students, distributed masks, maintained social distancing, and so on.

These are all to prevent teachers and students from being at risk. Although we couldn’t go out for three months, MONOL prioritized our health and safety.

Social Distancing

I just finished my three-month course in Monol, and I can tell you that my efforts were not in vain! From knowing only a few words to being able to express myself in English freely, I feel like I’m in heaven! However, I worry that I may forget to use English once I go back to Taiwan. That’s why before finishing my course, I signed up for MONOL ONLINE classes. 

I believe that many people are wary of taking online courses because of how different it is from learning face-to-face. They fear that they wouldn’t be able to understand the teacher or the lesson, as did I, at first. But I still had to try whether the online classes are beneficial or not.


Finally, I decided to enroll in MONOL’s online course. When I began my classes, I realized that I was worrying unnecessarily. In terms of teaching quality, there is no difference between online and offline courses, but there is a big difference in price. Teachers deliver classes clearly and carefully. They will also do their best to help you understand a lesson until you know it well.

I have tried other online classes in the past, but it was no good. This time, I don’t need to worry about teaching quality. MONOL uses a powerful online teaching software wherein interaction becomes more flexible than in offline courses. At the moment, the school offers a promo (2+1), and I grabbed the opportunity. You can do it this time as well.

Learning can’t wait! Come and learn English with me!