Extra-curricular programs

Unconsciously, I have been studying in Monol for two weeks now. I get up at 7 AM every day and sleep at 11 PM. Apart from my regular classes, I also have extra-curricular programs and sports class. I barely have enough time for rest and self-study. But since I’m still young, I will push myself to do more!

There are two kinds of extra-curricular programs in Monol. One is supplementary classes in English and the other is for fitness and sports. Both have teachers to guide the students.

Here are the optional classes:

  1. Morning Class: This is from 6:30 AM to 7 AM. The main lessons are for pronunciation and reading. It is a group class with about eight to nine people. Students who like to get up early can participate freely.
  2. Night Class: There are three choices for the Night Class. IELTS Speaking, TOEIC Speaking, and Job Interview. My friend chose IELTS Speaking. She said it’s a bit difficult. They learn about idioms and expressions, and the students can discuss with each other.
  3. Grammar Class: I applied for this class. I also have a special textbook. Each unit has examples and explanation of the exercises. I think this is a very good class but if your foundation is not very good like me, I wouldn’t recommend it. I usually cannot catch up but the teacher is very patient. Every time I struggle understanding the lesson, he will discuss it again. It took me a week to keep up with the rhythm.

Meanwhile, these are the sports classes my friend and I joined:

programs 1

  1. Boxing: My friend’s most anticipated class of the day is the boxing class. She has it for an hour a day. The boxing teacher is very professional. He will show you how to do the action, teach you and then let you pair with other students for one-on-one practice.
  2. Pilates: At first I thought it was a kind of yoga exercise, but it’s not. Pilates is a kind of muscle exercise to improve body movement.
  3. Yoga: Every time I finish my self-study, I go to my yoga class. The yoga teacher is a professional strong man but he is also flexible. Every time I make a mistake, he corrects me. Practicing yoga can really help me relax and is very suitable for relieving the tiredness from classes.
  4. Other lessons are for golf, judo, wrestling, etc.

Apart from the classrooms and dormitories, Monol also has a gym. I like sports very much and Monol’s gym is fully equipped. Not too many people go there, too. The most important thing is that there is professional guidance from the fitness instructors.

programs 2

The one I use the most is the treadmill. I run for half an hour every time. I also use the stationary bike for 15 minutes. After this, I do sit-ups with a small dumbbell and do exercises for my vest line. The coach taught me all the methods. That said, apart from learning, I go to the gym every day to sweat.

Aside from the gym, Monol also has a basketball court, billiard and table tennis room.

programs 3

There is also a café in Monol with lots of snacks and drinks. It has a wonderful view of mountains and trees. Every time you go have some coffee, you will feel as if you are in a fairyland.

programs 4

Staying for a half a month here in Monol feels like I went back to my university life. The environment is beautiful and the students are learning from each other. But here in Monol, it feels more fulfilling. Aside from having classes, we can also exercise and join other activities. Also, I feel that I am improving my English skills every day because we don’t focus on memorizing vocabulary. Instead, we aim to use English naturally and freely. In the coming weeks, I hope that my progress will get better.