Facilities and services for comfort

Monol has friendly and reliable housekeeping personnel who take care of the cleaning of dormitories and changing of beddings. The requests can be done every day as long as there are available slots. Room cleaning, based on the requests made by students, can also be done every day at specific times. On the other hand, change of beddings is done every 2 weeks.


Monol also takes care of the students’ laundry needs. As early as 7 in the morning, students can already
entrust their washables to our staff in-charge. After 2 days, the newly laundered clothes are ready to be
claimed. For those who prefer to wash their own clothes, a laundry station located at the building’s rooftop is also an option.

Free Wi-Fi internet access inside dormitories

The academy is equipped with wireless internet access except at the classroom areas. Students can now access the internet inside their dormitories, at the same time, download audio files needed for classes and homework using a fi le sharing network set up by the academy. To guarantee a hassle-free connection, Monol subscribes to 3 Internet Service Providers (ISP) – PLDT, VIACOM, Bayantel.