Families Program Launches

Who says learning and family bonding can’t go together? Here in Monol, we just made this possible. For the first time, the academy has offered a new learning experience for both adults and kids. Monol pilots Families Program.

What is Monol’s Families Program?
The Families Program is designed for kids and their parents or guardians to study in the academy together. This program does not only promote English but also pushes the idea of language modeling.

How does it work?
Both the guardian and the kids have separate classes and programs. The adults follow the General ESL program whilst the kids go with a program tailored especially for them. This includes having four group classes composed of pronunciation-vocabulary class, speaking class, music class, and activity class for singing, art, and dancing. In the afternoon starting from 2 pm, these kids have three man-to-man classes, which include speaking class, vocabulary class, and writing class.


The EOP or English Only Policy still applies to the guardians when interacting with other students. This does not apply to guardian-kids communication.

Eight kids, four years old being the youngest, together with their guardians have joined the Families Program for six weeks, from July 10 to August 18 this year.

families program 2