My Favorite Spot in Baguio City

When I arrived in Baguio city, I took a photo of the Philippine flag. It was waving with the breeze. It made me realize that I was really in the Philippines and I could feel the Filipino cordiality. I have even found my favorite spot there!

At first, I tried living in the Philippines.  As time goes by I like it more and more.

Baguio night market is my favorite spot in Baguio city. There is a crowd but the people are in line. There are a lot of foods, clothes, and accessory shops. They are cheap.

Sometimes I could see through clothes for 100 pesos. I love it.  Not only t-shirt but also trendy clothes are everywhere my friend Reby has tried eating balut already it looks terrible but it tastes good she said

At first, I dread living in the Philippines. As time goes by I like it more and more. The environment is a little bit messy but it has become unimportant to me. I like it because it is the Philippines.

by Rita

Favorite spot 2