February visit to RSCC: Paper bag puppets with the kids

Right after a fantastic Valentine’s Day, Monol went to spend a Saturday morning, February 15, in high spirits with the kids of the Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC). 10 Monol students of different nationalities signed up for the outreach program. They had the opportunity to bond, have fun, and make paper bag puppets with 12 kids.

Their activity planned for the morning was to create creative paper bag puppets together. As the kids unleash their artistic side while coloring, the students help them cut and piece their masterpiece together.

let's have fun!

Paper bag puppets for arts and crafts

Character templates such as mermaids, dragons, and animal printouts were ready so that the activity was more comfortable for the children. Although templates were available, they were still free to create their own designs and be imaginative with their puppets.

The arts and crafts activity took up most of the morning, but as soon as they finished, the kids still had plenty of energy left. The students gladly gave the children piggyback rides and even spent some time in their playroom before lunchtime.


A day well spent at RSCC

After getting artsy, playing, and running around under the sun, the kids and students filled their bellies with a classic Filipino favorite, Jollibee fried chicken and spaghetti.

As a special Valentine’s Day treat, chocolate cake was also served for dessert. Although the visit was short, Monol students were happy to put a smile on the children’s faces.

Children eating Jollibee chicken joy and spaghetti