first day 1

First day in the Philippines

My Monol Study Tour in the Philippines finally started from this first day!

I arrived in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, a day earlier. Unfortunately, I arrived in the important national holiday in the Philippines, and it was also the Black Friday. The national bus took off. Hence, I had to spend a night in Manila to experience the culture of the Philippines. My agent Kacy recommended me to a hotel (Red Planet Manila Aseana) which is close to the airport. From the airport to the hotel, it took only about 10 minutes by taxi. It was really convenient! The (cp) cost–performance ratio is also high. The room equipment is clean and the hotel counter staffs are kind! The only downside is that they don’t provide toiletries, so you have to prepare for yourself or buy it in the convenience store which is at the hotel counter!

When you ride a taxi in Manila, I suggest that you use Grab or Uber. You will accurately know the driver’s driving route. Even the price can be learned from the mobile phone! It’s safer and cheaper, otherwise, you might be asked much money by the driver if you are riding a taxi passing on the road. You should ask the driver repeatedly for the price. Otherwise, the driver will scream for his own price.

The next day, I worried that I will get lost. Thus, I came to Joy Bus station one hour before the time of my bus ticket. Surprisingly, I just spent 10 minutes to go there! The joy bus counter is relatively small and difficult to find (Joy Bus is Genesis’ senior bus – local residents may not know the Joy Bus, but you just need to say Genesis they will understand) I have drawn a line so that everyone will not have difficulty to find it!

When I took out Uber, everyone realized that I was unfamiliar here and immediately came up to me. I was extremely nervous during that time since it is my first time to come to Manila, and I couldn’t understand what locals said with the different accent. Therefore, I had no choice to call my agent – Kacy to find the counter center of the Joy Bus.

If you had booked a ticket, remember to print it out! Otherwise, they will not accept it. You can’t change the time, so you should pay attention to it. Give the personnel a copy of the paper and he will give this list. The driver is going to check them when you take the bus!

What is the high level of joy bus that everyone is expecting?!

Dan dan dan dan…

I did not expect that there will be a screen on the bus for each person, there are also USB plugs!! We can watch movies when we take the bus! Even in Taiwan, there is no such advanced bus. When you get on the bus, the driver will provide water and biscuits; so if you are hungry, you can eat snacks. However, the water should be consumed as little as possible. In case, you might want to go to the toilet. The joy bus arrives in Baguio sooner than other buses because it does not stop at any rest station.

You can have a good rest on the bus. Isn’t it enjoyable?

first day 2

The scenery along the road is also very beautiful. The air is also fresh. If you can’t sleep, you can take a look at the beauty of the Philippines. Occasionally, you will see cows, chickens, and chickens on the roadside. Isn’t it special?

first day

When you see this sign, it means that you are not far from Baguio. You will arrive at Baguio within 30 minutes.

At the end of the journey, when you get off the bus, you will see UC University at the opposite side. At this moment, you can take out a mobile phone and call a taxi. The local driver of Baguio is very kind. Unlike Manila’s drivers who will look for money from you, but it is not the same as drivers in Baguio, even if it is 5 pesos, he will also return it ~ (spending approximately 10 minutes to 15 minutes to arrive Monol by taxi~)

The long-awaited Monol finally appeared in front of me. I have begun looking forward to starting the life in Monol!

It is my first time to visit the Philippines, and to go to Monol alone is a memorable challenge and a very valuable experience! As a 21-year-old girl, I can challenge a success. You might as well try to take a look at our own strength to challenge!