Friendship through 3+1 Program

In Western countries, it is common practice for students to learn English by living with a host family. Monol may not have host families, but we do have our 3+1 Program, which is a unique living arrangement of three students and one teacher. It is guaranteed to be exposed on English language 24/7 and forge a friendship.

Advantages: English Exposure & Friendship

If you live in a 3+1 room, speaking in English is a must! Along with Monol’s strict EOP (English Only Policy), you are guaranteed to live with English 24/7.

Living in a 3+1 room has a lot of advantages. Apart from having a teacher who can guide you with your homework, part of your everyday routine in the 3+1 program is the room discussion. This is usually done at night. Activities during the room discussion may not always be serious. Roommates can engage in debates, play board games, or just watch English movies!


Aside from the activities in Monol, the 3+1 program also has a regular Bowling Competition. The competition was recently held at the Baguio Center Mall, which is around 15 minutes away from Monol by taxi.

Normally, 3+1 students from different rooms don’t get to interact on a daily basis. However, through activities such as the bowling competition and various parties done at the academy, they get to meet other students and teachers and create new friendships.