futsal 1

Futsal Game in the Evening

Good afternoon from Baguio Monol International Education Institute. There are times when I feel frustrated when I think of language training in the Philippines. So how do the Monol students relieve stress? After the class ended yesterday, we played futsal!

students-playing-futsal teams-playing-futsal

Intense Defense!

students-watching-ball person-defending-futsal person-defending-futsalperson-chasing-ball

futsal 2
Protecting the Goalpost!

I will protect the goalpost ~~

After 5:00, at the end of the regular classes, the Monol basketball court is already bustling with people!

When the teams are created, we will now start to play football.

When there are few players, we split the basketball court in half.

I enjoy playing basketball on one side and futsal on the other side.

I also play badminton in my free time when the ball does not fly towards us ~

We play for more than 30 minutes until 1 hour. We are sweating –

Stress is also flying away as the time goes by ^ ^