Gen ESL: Look Through

Gen ESL is one of the basic English courses that is offered by many English academics in the Philippines. With this course, students will improve their English skills and be prepared for other academic courses. These are IELTS, TOEIC, and Business English.

What makes General ESL in Monol different with other academics?

Firstly, it’s the education system. General ESL has two proficiency levels: Foundational (for students who have just started to learn English) and Essential (Basic English). In Foundational level, there are two (02) sub-levels: Elementary and Advanced.

There are three (03) sub-levels in Essential level: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Every sub-level will be for two terms. During that time, teachers will give meticulous lectures and follow the students in improving their English skills.

General ESL Course

The total number of class hours in a day for a General ESL student is 7 – 8 hours. This includes man-to-man and group classes. Listening and Reading are man-to-man classes, and there are two (02) hours for each man-to-man class.

With man-to-man classes, the teacher will know clearly about how fluent in English a student is. They learn the basic mistakes of student and set up flexible training plans to enhance English skills for each student. Aside from man-to-man classes, students also have group classes to enhance students’ confidence in using English. They improve our communication skills, improve listening skill, and our understanding of how non-native speakers use English.

In addition, students have lively activities to put the students at ease in using English. This integrates new students to Monol’s studying environment.

General ESL Course

Besides standard classes, Monol also designed optional classes with a total of 3 1/2 hours in a day. These are Grammar, IELTS Speaking, TOEIC Speaking, Job interview night classes.  Students can have a lot of free choices. These classes have different textbooks and teaching methods for each level.

Most importantly, Monol always tries its best to train teachers, innovate students’ materials, and carry out surveys for students’ feedbacks. These are vital to enhancing the quality of teaching is suitable to the students. Thus, all teachers have one hour every day for training and improving their teaching skills and methods. They also take a strict periodical test to be professionally proficient.

Additionally, General ESL needs 5 books and 5 workbooks for every level to be studied in one month.

There are efforts to train and follow up both the quality of teaching methods and student’s level of English. For this reason, nowadays, Monol Gen ESL can affirm its important significance. Therefore, General ESL course is an essential domain for Monol students to learn basic English for the international tests. So, the quantity of General ESL students always has a high rate in Monol.