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Good Services for Students

I have stayed in Monol for a long time and I am satisfied with their daily good services. What I want to emphasize is that it is really complete and almost the same as of a star hotel.

First, the dormitories, especially the rooms for a larger number of occupants, have a higher frequency of cleanup. Fortunately, Monol specially arranges a schedule for the housekeepers to clean the student dorms. Students can fill in the cleaning form at the B3 office as long as they need their room to be cleaned, and put what time a student will stay in the room.

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When the dormitory is not occupied, the staff member will put a small note on the door to clarify the time for cleaning. The staff responsible for setting the schedule is very humane. The housekeepers of Monol are also friendly, patient, and hardworking. If our tables and chairs are messy, they also fix it. They also inspect the corridors, stairs, and elevator to ensure the safety of the school.

Second, for students who stay abroad for the first time washing clothes is the most troublesome task. The laundry service made me so comfortable. Through this, students can use the time to concentrate on study or resting instead. The regular laundry service is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, It can be washed from 8 am to 1 pm and from 8 am to 5 pm. You can go to the laundry room to retrieve your clothes after.

The staffs of the laundry room are also very professional and attentive. Each student’s article will be counted to get a clear number of clothes, and the washed clothes will be stacked one by one. Had you missed the washing time, the students could take the clothes to the rooftop and use the washing machine by themselves. The washing machines are automatic, and so students just need to set the time and washing mode. How convenient! I still remember clearly that it had rained for a long period and I forgot to send my laundry. I tried to ask the laundry staff if I could I send the washed clothes for drying. They agreed without hesitation.

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Lastly, Monol’s medical service basically operates the whole day. There are also nurses on duty at night, just in case the students get suddenly ill. I accidentally strained my foot before and went to the clinic. The nurses patiently treated me and told me that I could not perform strenuous exercise in a short time. According to what they said, my feet would soon be all right.

Monol really do well in the aspect of servicing!

by Duffy