Good Taste

Good Taste tastes good!

Which restaurant here in Baguio is the best in your heart: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, etc.? I’ve been here for almost three weeks. My roommate likes eating outside so if I’m not mistaken, I already went to 7 restaurants in Baguio because I usually go with her. Now, I can’t choose which one is the best restaurant in my heart, but I am fond of Good Taste food.

Good Taste is a well-known restaurant in Baguio because they serve a variety of foods, and you are able to pay at an affordable price. So, it is good for families. Good Taste is bustling with noise and excitement because it has a dining and pastry area. For this reason, Good Taste attracts different customers.

Why do I like this restaurant?

One day, we ordered one stir-fried noodle, chicken, pork leg, and siomai. These foods smell like Taiwanese food, except siomai. That’s because siomai is steamed in Taiwan. Even though, it is still good to eat.

Good Taste has large servings in cheap, so we couldn’t finish our meal. For this reason, we had a doggy bag for the leftovers. Fortunately, their service is very amiable (on the account where we asked their leaders to help for many problems and got a doggy bag twice). They are very patient. Therefore, I would like to go there again, try other foods, and eat a lot of vegetables.

If you have not been good to good taste and you want to eat Chinese food, I recommend you to try there. Maybe you will like this restaurant, too.

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