The Great Karaoke Showdown

When it’s Christmas, music plays a huge role in setting the mood. Here in the Philippines, you’ll never miss the voices of Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey. Their songs are repeatedly used in memes, covered by singers, and enjoyed by everyone on Karaoke.

The Relevance of Karaoke

Karaoke is a favorite leisure activity of Filipinos on various special occasions. So, this Christmas, Monol wants the foreign students to experience this culture as part of their learning environment. It stands on Monol’s mission to bring the learning beyond the confines of a classroom, but also to social skills and wellness of students in their life abroad. So, the Students Relation Department organized a Karaoke showdown for the students that served as a mini Christmas party for them (although those who were in the 3+1 room had a different Christmas party, too).

Mini-games for non-contestants

The program started with some mini-games like 1) the charade rip-off, wherein the word was illustrated instead of acted out, and 2) wrapping a present in pair with each member using only a hand. The audience and participants were equally entertained. It was nonetheless exciting and hilarious.

Nostalgic, romantic

It was a hit as the foreign students readily registered to show off their pipes. The songs they sang had brought the audience back in time and made them fall in love. The rest of the students together with their teachers cheered for all the contestants. The judges even played well with their critiques and remarks to almost consider the simple program a real talent show.

One fun, multiple treats

The finale was served with some delectable food that everyone relished and the awarding of winners. But the gathering of students and teachers to share a good time on Christmas season is the real prize of the Great Karaoke Showdown.