Frontliners and halloween

Halloween 2020: A salute to frontliners!

This year’s Halloween celebration stands different from the usual display of ghouls, ghosts, and creepy creatures of the night. Instead of the customary spooky aesthetic and costumes, Monol’s Halloween 2020 is all about paying tribute to our everyday heroes: the FRONTLINERS.

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, our health and essential workers place themselves at risk each day so that they can attend to the needs of the people.With the theme #BravoFrontliners, the academy wanted to show utmost thanks and appreciation to everyone working the frontlines during this difficult time.

Halloween 2020


On Thursday, November 05, Monol’s staff and teachers came dressed in different types of attire that represent the hardworking and dedicated frontliners. Although this year’s Halloween went by without the usual party and activities, a creative photo booth, as well as the best attire contest, was set-up to commemorate the mini-celebration.

The photo booth design merges iconic Halloween themes with safety reminders such as wearing masks, disinfecting with alcohol, and frequent hand-washing.

Among the various frontliner garbs, three contestants emerged as the winners of best attire. It was a three-way-tie of 7 points each. 

Best attire:

  • Teacher Gene (Chairwoman)
  • Sir Rods (Health worker)
  • Teacher Camille (Bureau of Fire Protection)

A salute to our frontliners: health workers, security guards, bank and grocery employees, market vendors, Firemen, PUV drivers, officials, and so much more to mention! Thank you for your service and sacrifice! You are our heroes!