Healthy and secure campus

Complete and balanced meals

Monol washes meat, fruits, and vegetables using purified water. Plates, bowls, and utensils are washed using filtered water and are sterilized. At the same time, the academy’s kitchen personnel are required to get health certificates before getting hired. They renew these certificates every six months as required by the City Health Office.

Medical Assistance

Monol’s clinic has necessary medical equipment for first aid and for quarantining sick patients. It has two (2) nurses on duty, distributed in shifts, who are also capable of setting appointments with doctors and assisting students in the hospital.

Safe Drinking Water

A water refilling station is now set up inside the academy for the students’ and employees’ drinking water. Every day, the academy produces 50-60 bottles, which amounts to around 300 gallons of water and always provide it freshly purified. To comply with health standards, Monol’s drinking water is tested by the Department of Health and the Department of Science and Technology.

Fire-safe Building

Monol has emergency and disaster preparedness guidelines and equipment in case of fire, earthquake, or other natural calamities. It has evacuation plans per room, 32 fire alarm panels, 50 fire extinguishers, 159 smoke detectors and sprinklers, 29 thermal sensors, 26 fire exits, 13 fire hoses as well as trained personnel for fire safety and first aid.

24/7 Security

Monol security officers are distributed to three (3) shifts every day. They are hired and trained by the academy instead of choosing through manpower agencies. They are also required to get a license from the Philippine National Police – Civil Security Group – Securities, Agencies, and Guards Supervision Division.

  • biometrics system to monitor ins and outs of students
  • a total of 110 security cameras within the school premises

Generator on standby

The energy consumption of the academy is up to 20 KW daily for its services and office operations. During a power out, the generator can support up to seven times the power consumption of the academy.

  • Monol usually makes use of 130 liters of Diesel out of the 350 liters that a Lister Petter generator can contain during an 8-hour power out.
  • 84 emergency lights