Helping the Typhoon Victims

Helping those in need is a tradition here in the Philippines.

Mangkhut Rage

Three weeks ago, one of the strongest typhoons ever to hit the country battered the northern part of the Philippines. Super typhoon “Mangkhut”, known locally as “Ompong”, had caused massive landslides, which damaged crops and properties all over Cordillera.

The municipality of Itogon, Benguet, is one of the most devastated towns from the onslaught of super typhoon Ompong. Homes were buried and lives were taken in just hours of torrential downpours and unforgiving winds. According to Rappler, the number of fatalities in the Benguet province reached 100 after two weeks of retrieval operations. Barangay Ucab had the highest number at 68.

helping The site where the tragic landslide occurred in Brgy. Ucab, Itogon.

Monol Helping the Victims

On October 5, 2018, Monol delivered amassed donations from students, teachers, and staff. These were to be given to the affected communities of Itogon and other municipalities of Benguet. Donations given were sacks of rice, boxes of canned goods and noodles, as well as toiletries, apparel, and school supplies.

helping 10

Monol brought the goods to Our Lady of Lourdes Church and to Ucab Barangay Hall in Itogon. These would be delivered specifically for the residents of Ucab and Loacan, two of the severely affected barangays of Itogon. The donations were disseminated to other affected areas as well.

helping 16

Also, Monol also went to the Philippine Red Cross in La Trinidad, Benguet, to hand over donations for the municipality of Atok. Included as well were four barangays in Kabayan, Benguet namely Eddet, Lusod, Anchokey, and Tawangan. In addition to sacks of rice, canned goods and clothing, schools supplies were also imparted.

*Should you want to help the affected communities, please feel free to be in touch with the Philippine Red Cross. Or directly contact Ucab Barangay Hall through the following:

– Philippine Red Cross (Ms. Kristine Quilala) – 074-422-2796
– Barangay Ucab (Mr. Tony Pesase/Mr. Alain Abdul) – +63-919-449-8857