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Heritage Trip to Vigan

Today, I am going to introduce a special event at Monol which is the Weekend Trip. There are several tourist spots and activities that would be voted upon by students every two weeks. It includes visiting the Heritage Site at Vigan, swimming at Hundred Islands, surfing at San Juan, hiking at Mount Pinatubo and so on. The activity to have the highest and the second highest number of votes will become our travel destinations for the weekends!

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This week the winning spot is Vigan which is a definitely popular place you should visit. Vigan has been listed as a world cultural heritage, and it is also a site left by the Spaniards!

After 6 hours, I finally arrived at the first viewpoint! When I got off the Monol bus, I was scared by the weather. It’s really hot! At the moment, I felt very grateful that I chose to study in Baguio because the climate is cool. If I have chosen Cebu, I will not be able to calm down and study well.

The first attraction is the large church and the bell tower! We could go around the church for around 1 hour.

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There is a big bell on the top floor of the bell tower. You can take pictures, but be careful with the stairs! (I almost fell. haha)

After touring around the first viewpoint, finally, it’s time to have lunch. (I suggest that you should prepare some snack before riding the bus, otherwise, you will be starving after 6-hour drive). We went to a famous local street vendor to eat the famous empanada. But there are too many guests and we waited too long. Hence, we got angry and then we told the boss that we were just going to take our orders out.

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As a result, we ate our lunch at McDonald’s. After making a six-hour drive, it was really funny to have lunch at McDonald’s. The takeaway empanadas are unexpectedly tasty, but it was a bit oily!

After lunch, we went to a zoo in Vigan. Actually, I think the spot can be canceled from our schedule since there are not many animals in the zoo and animals are also very listless which made me feel very sympathetic. Moreover, the weather is really too hot!

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Next is our free time. We went back to the main area of Vigan to ride carriages! It’s cool to sit on the carriage and decide which spots you want to go. The driver will stop and let us go around the area. It takes only 350 pesos to travel around the area for about one hour. Really cost-effective! It is also one of the must-try activities in Vigan. The local ice cream is also quite delicious which only costs 25 pesos! It’s just that the weather is too hot that the ice cream melts too soon. *Cry*

We watched the fountain show and it’s terrible to think of it because we’re ready to take the 6-hour drive home after eating dinner. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for us to sleep again since everyone was too exhausted. Haha! This whole journey only needs 600 pesos. It’s actually a good deal, but it’s not really enough to just experience it in one day. I suggest that you try it during the holidays!

by Demi