Higher confidence using English

I have looked for an English school in Makati, Metro Manila, but there are lesser choices than I thought. Then, I asked an agency for a recommendation. The agent said Baguio City is highly recommended for studying. Although I wanted to study very hard because I can only stay for just one month, I did not prefer to be managed too much by the school so I had higher confidence in choosing Monol wherein I can go out on weekdays.

I have studied the TOEIC course in Monol. The classes in TOEIC are divided into listening and reading parts. You can focus on each part every class so it is really effective to understand well and fast. One of the classes is an elective. You can choose the subject, too! You can choose from four: vocabulary, reading, listening or discussion. I chose vocabulary since I felt I have difficulty memorizing words.

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All classes in the TOEIC course are man-to-man. Therefore, you can ask anything you are curious about without any hesitation. Because of this situation, I also could improve my speaking skill. TOEIC course is obviously specialized for students who just want to get a high score in the official TOEIC exam.

Teachers are very friendly and they can communicate well with foreign students. There are no scary teachers so I have attended every class feeling relaxed. I could not be confident speaking in English before coming here.

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However, now, I get used to understanding even confusing grammar expressions, thanks to teachers who taught me kindly. All teachers always take care of me; for example, they ask me every time if I have questions or if I understand everything.

I stayed in a room for two students, which is cleaner than I thought. It was very comfortable with the internet connection. It was also good for me not to encounter insects inside the room. That is one of the things I was worried about.

Monol offers buffet-style meals every day including a salad bar, a Japanese menu, and other various delicious foods. There are also fitness facilities such as yoga room and gym.

The English Only Policy is surely important in a school. It’s because you can speak English anytime, not only during classes.

In conclusion, studying in the Philippines is a much better way than you think. You can keep on studying English even in Japan. However, it is very difficult to maintain your motivation if you have lesser opportunities to communicate with someone in English. I improved a lot in listening part 3 and 4, and reading part 5 and 6 – these were the most difficult subjects for me before. Finally, during my 4th week, I already got accustomed to expressing whatever I want. If you will be a TOEIC student in Monol, you will surely be satisfied with the classes, the self-study time and even the spare time.

by Shuri

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